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Subdivision and storage of live streaming and streaming with a USB camera

I have two questions to ask.

  1. I am currently using an IP Camera, and I can perform a live stream using the command prompt with ffmpeg and see the output on vlc in RTMP format. Is it possible to make a record of my live streaming? I would like to store my live stream in many 60 second video clips. I would like to understand how to do with and / or without ffmpeg.
  2. Is it possible to perform a live streaming with and / or without ffmpeg using an external USB Camera?
    Thank you very much for helping

You want to record from ffmpeg or from Wowza? With ffmpeg you can use the tee pseudo-mixer to send the stream to multiple outputs (see

Wowza has a built-in recording feature; you can enable recording for all streams by default or you can control recording via the Engine Manager Panel or via the REST API. The recording feature also allows you to record the stream in pieces of 60 seconds each. See (search for “split”)

You can’t capture the signal from an USB cam directly with Wowza; because the signal from an USB cam isn’t encoded, so you need ffmpeg to capture that signal and encode it (e.g. to H.264 video and AAC audio) If you use ffmpeg, you can send the output to Wowza over RTMP, RTSP, SRT, etc. Helpful article here: