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Submit the CSR to a Certificate Authority

ok i understand most of this instructions shown below. butttt .the part i dont

understand or know how to is

(copy and paste the contents into a web form for submission tothe certificate authority)

where or how do i fine the (web form) & how to submit the (web form) ??? any help plz

Now you have a file [install-dir]/conf/ which contains the PEM encoded certificate request. You can now submit it to the Certificate Authority (look at the documentation of the Certificate Authority website on how to do this). In most cases you will use a text editor to open the file and copy and paste the contents into a web form for submission to the certificate authority. In return you get a Certificate.

Search for “ssl certificate” and you will find several companies that issue certificates. The big one is verisign. The company that issues the certificate will have the submission form.


I did this a while back and I cannot remember the specifics of the process but I think you need to import the root certificate first and then import your certificate.

You should have got a copy of all the crt files upwards in the chain from the certificate issuer. If not you may be able to download these from their site.

I think I eventually followed the instructions here.

I had godaddy crt’s so had gd-bundle.crt which is the upwards chain and my own crt file. These are pem format so you can substitute *.pem for *.crt in the instructions.

I have no idea what a cer file is. It might be best to have a chat with the certificate issuer.

I don’t have experience with this setup, but I suppose you have the wrong path for [filename-of-chain-certificate]. Or are you using that literal value? if so, replace with the path and file name of the file.


(Richard thanks for that help) i have a little problem after i finish created the cert/csr files. i swich to my [install-dir]/conf folder

to inport. i use this command(keytool -import -alias root -trustcacerts -file [filename-of-chain-certificate] -keystore ask to enter keystore password i enter it [password] then it ask me to re-enter new password i enter it[password] so now i get a keytool error:[filename-of-chain-certificate]. ??? any help on this one

ok rich i ??think?? i found the problem . my root certificate that i must copy paste & save the file as a (cer extension)

how do i save it as a cer extension. am i suppose to do something like this ??(chain-certificate-cer-certificate)?? or(CERT.cer.ext) can u explain this part for me please

or filename-of-chain-certificate

i get my root certificate via email .but i have to save it as a cer extension.

i just want to know how to Save the certificate into a file with a .cer extension.

or what name should give the extension cer. i try( cer)as a extention but get an error when i tyr to inport the