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Suddenly cannot stream to Facebook Live

Good NEWS:  Wowza Streaming Engine Updates

Wowza Streaming Engine Version 4.7.3 (build 21227)

  • Updated Facebook Stream Target to improve stability and error-handling, and to reduce overall graph API usage

  • Updated Facebook Stream Target to support 360 video tagging

Hope Facebook LIVE will not have errors anymore!

Hi all,

Yes I’ve had the same problem. If I stream to my own profile, or if I stream to a facebook group it all works perfectly. If I try and stream to a Page it fails. I’ve just done a 4.7.3 upgrade to see if it fixes the issue but unfortunately even with a fresh target I’m seeing the same problem. Interestingly I can get it to occasionally work on a facebook page with less likes (but very unreliably), but if I try for my main FB page it fails fairly consistently. With my own profile page it just works first time.

4.7.3 now installed and I can’t FB Live any of my streams to my business pages. Only my personal page.

I have installed a fresh application for this too and it is still failing.

It happened again.

After upgrading to 4.7.3 and having succesfully streamed 2 live events to Facebook Live (business page), there were no chance to go live for the third (keep getting error when starting stream target).

Definitely looking for alternative platform because of this unacceptable unreliability.

After Last Wowza Updates 4.7.4 FAcebook Target Error on all applications and DVR is not functional on smil files or transcoded applications. Any idea ?

same errors here on 4.7.4 , FB stream targets not working any more though they worked before on 4.7.2

Was this fixed?.. I have the same problem here… I tried every thing that wowza support suggested, still having “error” on FacBook Live.

i’ve decided not to use wowza FB stream targets; they’re not reliable. In one year of use there’s been too many bugs.

For now I use the following workaround: I use a rtmp stream target while using FB live feature of a reusable key.

The drawback is that one needs to go to Publishing Tools of the FB Page and start manually the publishing.

But it works and is reliable.

Hi ,

I am also trying to Live Stream from Wowza Streaming Engine to Facebook through Rest API, but I am facing problem in making Login to FB after the target is created because of this I am not getting stream in my FB account. What is facebook.accesstoken and facebook.destID and How/Where you got it? Do I need to change any settings in facebook developer account after creating the App? Can you please explain me how you achieved this? This is my E-mail Id :