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Suggest me some flash player 9 or 10 based IPTV STB

Kindly suggest me an IPTV STB which has flash player 9 or 10 embedded in its browser to fully utilize the capabilites of Wowza Pro MPEG-TS server capabilities to deliver IPTV Content?


We don’t have any specific recommendations but here is what I found with a little googling:

The Mind Factory

This article identifies a few other makers that plan to have that feature.

Also, with Wowza Media Server 2 Advanced you will be able to stream to many existing IPTV set-tops over MPEG-TS without a need for an embedded Flash player.

AS of right now there aren’t any Flash based STB’s on the general market. A few were announced at CES & NAB this year but not sure if they’ve made it to resale yet.

We’re currently playing with the Wowza Advanced 2.0 server and standard RTSP set top boxes and having decent luck. So you may want to look at that route.