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Super high cpu usage

I have AWS instance of type m5a.xlarge

2 core / 4 threads AMD EPYC

16 RAM

and I am streaming 1 input

resolution: 1280 * 720 (HD)

bit rate: ABR 1.5 Mbps


codec: x264

and 3 transcoding 3 outputs

output 1:


1 Mbps


30 fps

output 2:


300 kbps


30 fps

output 3:


200 kbps


30 fps

all that using HLS with one 1 viewer

and the CPU usage more than 80%

I tuned the server using this guide:

but the CPU usage did not change

I think the problem is not your wowza configuration, probably you did the right thing on wowza config. Note that Transcode operation require cpu, here is the benchmark of the transcoder usage .

You should use c series aws instance, you can check the instance type

Alternatively you can run ffmpeg for transcoding live stream and republishing to the wowza, the cpu usage may be down %15