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Support for AWS graviton processors?

Hey Wowza, wondering about whether we should expect WSE to work on AWS’s new ARM processors e.g. replace a c5 with a c6g processor?

I note you have docs about installing on and using a Raspberry Pi, so I assume it would be similar, but if someone has done it, I’d like to know if there are differences, bugs, performance losses/gains, etc.

With the instance type being cheaper ($0.34/hour to $0.272/hour) and a potential 30% “more efficiency” on the table - even though less likely to be realizible in transcoding - it is intriguing.


Welcome back to the forums community @Jonathan_Longman, we haven’t seen you in awhile and hope all has been well with you. I think some of our engineers did some testing on this recently, so let me see what I can find out for you.

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We’ve not done any formal testing on ARM hardware mainly due the requirements. Transcoding will not work on ARM because we don’t compile for it.
But, if you don’t need the transcoder for your use case, the engineers think you could most likely use it based on what’s in the docs you reviewed. The also stated they’d be interested in hearing about your experience if you’d like to submit a ticket after you test it, (if you decide to test it out).

Hi Jonathan_Longman,

We have the same idea as you. Did you get any further on this test?