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Support for WebRTC transcoding


in the current WebRTC workflows it is not supported to transcode from any other protocol to WebRTC.

Is there a technical reason for this restriction or will this be possible in future Versions?

In my case, I would like to transcode an SRT stream and send it to a browser using WebRTC.

WebRTC will play H.264. Would that meet your need? I set this up using a standard encoder, played back on the test player that’s included with the WebRTC package in Wowza Streaming Engine:

  • H.264
  • Baseline
  • 1 Mbps
  • 30 fps
  • 2 second keyframe
  • AAC audio at 96 Kbps

Wowza officially only supports WebRTC to WebRTC transmission, but nothing stops you from giving this a try.

Thanks for the hint Tim!

We gave it a try and it actually works :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I would like to ensure, that the current setup will keep on working even when we update the Wowza Engine in the future.

Can somebody give a statement, why Wowza officially only supports WebRTC to WebRTC?

@Benjamin Kleine

As you noted, it is possible to do non-WebRTC in and WebRTC out workflows with Wowza. As this isn’t in the Wowza example, it isn’t a fully supported workflow and thus your ability to get help from support could be limited.

In terms of future plans, Wowza does plan on expanding its examples and also support for a non-WebRTC in to WebRTC out workflows.

To follow up for Benjamin and others who may see this post, transcoding from another source protocol into WebRTC is now a publicly supported and documented workflow: