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Support of IGMP V3 for multicast networks


We have an internal multicast network where we must use IGMP v3 compatible solutions to subscribe to streams. Is Wowza Streaming Engine compatible? If not is there a reason and is there a way to have this feature implemented?

Yes, Engine supports IGMPv3 as of the release of Wowza Streaming Engine update 4.7.8. This is possible when ingesting MPEG-TS sources from IGMPV3 with IPV4 IP addresses.

*Note: Here’s our article on creating .stream files in WSE.

The application ingesting the multicast source(s) requires an application level property igmpV3IPV4SourceAddress be enabled.

In the following section of our article on how to specify per-stream settings in Wowza Streaming Engine .stream files, it shows the following common parameters can be set in .stream files for all stream types:

    igmpV3IPV4SourceAddress: }

igmpV3IPV4SourceAddress: String

Specifies the IP address to use when filtering multicast streams by their source address with IGMPv3. This applies to MPEG-TS and native RTP-based UDP streams only.