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Switch source without disconnect viewers?


I’m looking for a solution (maybe already did somebody that) to switch from a source to another one without disconnect already connected viewers/listeners on stream, the already connection on stream to remain connected, to kick maybe first source and to connect from the second (all this on live stream not on-demand).

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If you’re doing it on a scheduled basis, you can use the stream class module to make the switch. Details here:


Take a look at this example:

It is very basic, you will have to elaborate to your requirements.


Hello Ian,

and thanks for replay;

I’m looking to keep viewers/listeners connected on Wowza stream server till switch from live source 1 to live source 2, to do not be disconnected from stream, maybe to play a file from /content directory till this transition it’s done. The switch will not be schedule, it’s dynamic, like on audio stream when switch from one dj to another one. Maybe can be done if grow up the time on destroy stream or something :frowning:

I really need this for live stream session to can jump from one source to second one.

Thank you