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Switch stream on connected client


Here is the scenario :

  1. Client A and Client B connected to stream sample.mp4

  2. I have watermark detector application. If watermark detector detect specific watermark on sample.mp4. It will tell wowza to switch from sample.mp4 to advertising.mp4. And the result, All connected clients(client A and client B) will switch to advertising.mp4.

The questions are How to tell all connected clients to switch from sample.mp4 to advertising.mp4?

Thanks for your help.

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

You can use this example code as a starting place. You will need to provide the logic for when to switch the stream:

How to override play to remap a stream name

You will need to build this module in the Wowza IDE

If you need help getting this working, you might consider posting to the find a consultant forum



Hi there … I found your old post … I’m looking for an option to detect a watermark to trigger an event

What is the watermark detection tool you were using at the time you wrote this post?