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Sync multiple stream targets


I’m distributing a live tv channel to Youtube (RTMP), Facebook (RTMPS) and Akamai (HLS).

As our shows contains interactivity, we want our audience to watch the same thing whatever is the platform.

Actually, Youtube and Facebook are almost in sync but Akamai has a 30+ seconds delay.

I would like to find a way to add delay to a stream target to artificially keep sync between all targets.

How can I achieve this? (I’m able to write custom module if needed)


Are you sending single bitrate @Lionel Gattegno or adaptive bitrate files?

And I also need to know if you are setting this up through the REST API.


Are you sending HLS to Akamai? In that case it’s simply because HLS by nature has this delay. You may be able to decrease the delay to 6-10 seconds, but that’s about how low you can go. I suppose Akamai no longer supports ingest over RTMP(S)?


EDIT: the comment below is no longer actual - see response from Rose.

PS: None of my business, but as far as I know, Live Streaming to Facebook has to be exclusive as per their Terms & Conds. Meaning that you cannot send a Live stream to FB and to any other social media network/platform at the same time

Thanks @Karel Boek-Senior Consultant for looking out for everyone here and encouraging best practices, but FB does allow this as of earlier this year and I will post a link explaining it very soon.

** here you go:

The rule was removed from the list and you can simulcast without concern. This has been verified and confirmed.

Regarding your initial question @Lionel Gattegno about introducing intentional buffer, you could technically still send RTMP to Akamai, but they are removing that option soon. Really no way to sync it up though as all RTMP and especially not if you are sending it as HLS. Because as Karel said, the HLS Cupertino packetizers need to send a certain number of segments through Akamai before playback.

Great question though, so thanks for asking!

That’s good to know Rose; thanks for correcting me


I’m using MSL4 service from Akamai, and RTMP is not an option…

An other option would be to add buffer to YT and FB targets (both RTMP), I don’t need near real time delivery, I just need sync between targets.

Can a custom module help me?

I checked with the engineers and they had no suggestions for a custom module at this time. You can reach out to Pro Services if you’d to discuss having Wowza potentially build something for you.

Thanks Rose, I’m in touch with Jean, I will discuss the needs with him!

Oh good, she will help you and I’ll follow up with her. Thanks again for posting.