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Sync Presentation slides with Video

We are creating an application that presenting live presentation. A host is comping up and start to talk about the presentation.

My clients(viewers) are mobile users (iOS & Android). I am using GoCoder to write the player app. Everything is working and clients are able to play the video.

The only problem is, when I push some data using HTTPProvider to clients, data send to clients right after calling api and it is not sync with video. Video coming with a 13seconds delay.

How can I have video and meta data tags synced together?

Hello @Amir Zandi, we have updated our docs to include several articles on how to do this. Please reach out to tech support in a ticket if you require further assistance. Thanks!

@Roze Power Thank you for the great information. I have already read all those articles. My problem is that when I push data to api, it sends that to client right after the data sent but I need that tag to be mark on its chunk and go to client while that chunk is being played.

I have also contacted support but they are not able to help me out.

reply please

Hi @Amir Zandi, I did review your ticket and see they have provided you with the steps to get started on this.

is there anyone in here @channel who can provide some sample code?