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System features required for instant 100 thousand-500 thousand people?

We will make people watch the videos on our own server instantly and this number has a chance to increase every month.

Thousands of people will log in and watch daily, is this system enough for us?

İntel core i7-2600
16 Gb Ram
4x4 = 16 TB Disk
1 Gigabit upload.

I think the information you will have to share is :

  • Is your system for vod or live ?

  • What is the average resolution and bitrate of the content being watched ?

  • How many people will be watching simultaneously (peak traffic) ?

  • How many streams (max) will be publishing simultaneously ?

  • What protocols will you be using for broadcasting and what protocols for subscribing ?

it will be Vod.
Wowza will only be a distributor, not render.
It will go with whichever is the lightest, so it looks like HLS.
720p and 1080p videos.
There will be video streaming on request, but I’m wondering how long I can go with this instant system.

I would recommend using a CDN with Streaming Engine if you’re talking about thousands of people. The CDN reduces the load on your server and will also make sure you can scale without issues like insufficient bandwidth, running out of memory, etc., that can potentially result in Engine crashing or the stream buffering badly.

It’s not a good idea to have 100K to 500K viewers without a scaling plan. One streaming Engine server can only handle so many connections at once especially if they are transcoded. As a rule of thumb, we suggest about 8 transcoded streams or 80-100 non-transcoded streams per Wowza server.

Here is a complete blog on why a CDN is critical in streaming. I think it would be good for your use case to do some research on scaling and what goes wrong if you don’t scale properly.

Here is the info to add a CDN to your Streaming Engine account:

CDN pricing here: