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Can somebody confirm this.

If I am using a ec2 instance that I have to terminate the instance, everytime I want to use Wowza???

That was the only opition I had.

I didn’t have a stop/start option???

How could this be possible if you offer a daily Daily Subscription???

This is crazy…

I must be confused. I am sure I am.

I have other linux instances on Amazon EC2 that I can stop and start…

why couldn’t I stop and start the one you guys offer with wowza???

Can somebody please help…

I think you may have meant to post in the Wowza Media Server for Amazon EC2 forum area. This area, where you posted, is for describing jobs which you wish to hire an external consultant. Would you like to hire help to setup or manage your EC2 deployment?

The way Amazon EC2 instances work is that you pay for usage while the instance is in use. Users who have a need for servers, but not long term use, find the daily edition subscription license an viable option instead of purchasing hardware that is only needed for a few days. It is correct that when you terminate the instance, you will loose any changes or files that you have on the server. To avoid losing data, you can save to Amazon S3 or to EBS. These are both Amazon features and they have more information on their site.