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Test Clients Connection to Wowza Servers


I want to know if there is a way to test a clients ability to connect to my Wowza Servers.

Preferably via a web page, so that i can just send them a link and have them go to that page. I don’t have any problem coding/building the page, I just want to know what options are available to be to build such a tool.

We have alot of clients that don’t have their corporate proxy servers or firewalls setup to white list our Wowza Servers, and i’d like a way to verify that they can indeed connect to us.

That way i can rule out network configuration settings on their end for trouble tickets.

We currently stream over 1935 and a fall back to 80. I’d like to test both ports. And have it test all my Wowza Servers, because alot of them are load balanced.

Any and all information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  1. it depends on if you need it for upload permissions to your wowza server(s) or is it for viewing?

  2. if viewing how do they want to see it? (website, straight into vlc for example)?

Why not build a secure website page for it with a jwplayer on it?

build in the rtmp link for jwplayer and the hls(http) stream for android/apple devices. let them test both of them behind their corporate network and see what happens.

link the url to a upload stream if your customer wants to upload. look at your logs if things aint working.

don’t know. but if it works to one server, im pretty sure it will work to others too. or give them the ipaddress/domains so they can tell their IT guys to put it open in the firewall for port 80 and 1935.

That sounds nice, but I have some 40 servers spread across the world. It would be very tedious to have the client play and upload a video to all 40 something servers. Is this the only way?