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Test video not working


I installed the streaming engine on my windows 11 server.
Installation was fine and I can connet remotely, but I can’t play the test video.
Only MPEG-DASH can be played, but even if press start, the status only changes to play and no video is displayed.
Apple HLS or mobile link cannot be used because there is no network connection.
The port of the test server is
My guess is that the loopback IP of my server is not working, but trying to configure the adapter doesn’t solve it.

Am I missing something?

Can you tell us what version of Streaming Engine you are using?

The latest version requires a minimum of Java 11, do you have that?

A. Engine 4.8.18 and Java 11

With Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.18, we’ve updated to OpenJDK Java SE JRE 11.0.2. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.18 requires Java 11 at a minimum, but can be used with Java versions 11 - 12.

B. Confirm that Wowza Streaming Engine is running:

  • Open a web browser and enter the URL:

    http://[ wowza-ip-address ]:1935/ServerVersion

    (where [ wowza-ip-address ] is the IP address or domain of the Wowza Streaming Engine server.)

       For example:   ***http://localhost:1935/ServerVersion***
  • If Wowza Streaming Engine installed correctly, the browser displays the Wowza Streaming Engine version number.

  • If it doesn’t, check to see if the server software installed correctly and that TCP port 1935 is open on your router, firewall, and in your ip tables.

C. Did you configure your SSL certificate?

If you open a player in a https browser then it requires an https stream meaning exactly what you said: it requires the SSL certificate. This will be true for both Engine and Cloud. You cannot play an http stream in an https browser, it will throw what is called a cross origin error.

You can open an http stream in some of the test players or in app that isn’t running the stream through a browser.

Please send in a support ticket so we can check your ports, IP binding and logs.


Also know that in the WOWZA TEST PLAYER PAGE, the only one that work on there is MPEG-DASH. For the others like HLS, you’ll need to use a free test player like VLC player because the HLS test player is only supported in Safari at this time.

And we don’t have an Adobe test player for RTMP since that’s outdated.