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Testing from Flazr

I’d appreciate any help with this problem playing MP4 content …

I have been using Flazr for load testing. Against Wowza 1.7 it’s working fine: I can spawn multiple threads retrieving chosen content.

With Wowza 2.1.1 build24490 I cannot stream. Flazr gets a response from Wowza that it interprets as


This does not happen with Wowza 1.7.

If it helps Flazr logs that it’s specifying these flash arguments:

15:25:42,110 [New I/O client worker #1-1] INFO [ClientHandler] - sending command (expecting result): [0 COMMAND_AMF0 c3 #0 t0 (0) s0] name: connect, transactionId: 1, object: {app=vod, flashVer=WIN 9,0,124,2, tcUrl=rtmp://, fpad=false, audioCodecs=1639.0, videoCodecs=252.0, objectEncoding=0.0, capabilities=15.0, videoFunction=1.0},

We recommend the Wowza Dynamic Load Balancing system:


The problem lay in a “registry” I was using, which had different logic for Wowza 1.7 and Wowza 2.1. As it happens the 2.1 version was incorrect. When I looked in the Wowzaa logs it all became clear.

Flazr is working fine for both versions.

Great, glad it’s working. Thanks for the update.