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Text Chat via Wowza?

I thought I’d read somewhere that Wowza supports text-chat. Some of our clients want to chat alongside the live video. Of course this can be done in other ways and using other servers, but I was curious if Wowza has something already.

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at the TextChat example in the examples folder, and the SharedObject example here:


The TextChat example is a Flash app. The SharedObject example shows how to manage SharedObjects in Java Wowza module, which can be used for TextChat. No ActiveX or Ajax involved


The idea of these examples is see how they work then mash em together as needed. They are all very focused, simple and have connection strings and such exposed which is useful for testing. You need Flash CS to modify, or Flex/Flash Builder for the Flex examples.


Yes, right. For reference or as a starting place, and they are used for testing.


Interesting; is this a flash-based chat? Or AJAX? Also, do you happen to know how well it might scale?

I see ActiveX stuff in here; I hope the chat isn’t based on ActiveX!

I see.

By the way I’m using VHosts, so I copied the "lib/" to the actual /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/lib/ dir, and also in my /vhosts/mystream/lib/ directory. I then copied the conf/ to my vhost dir as well as created the “textchat” application.

1.) I copied the client files onto my webserver, and the page asks for RTMP address; I enter mine with the textchat app, and click “Connect”…it just sits there, nothing happens.

2.) Did I need to restart the entire Wowza server to get it to work? (I hope not)

3.) We want this to be a little chat below live videos we stream. It’s not going to ask every user for RTMP address, right?

So the text-chat example is merely an example for developers who develop on Flash to work with?

Just curious if anyone has a non-flash client that works with the Wowza text-chat application. It would be interesting to use something like that on devices (maybe iPhone, or similar) that don’t support Flash. Any ideas or samples anyone can think of?


Wowza will automatically detect new applications that are created without needing a restart, but new modules (.jars) require a restart in order to be loaded.