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The best way to reduce latency on ll-hls

I treid few days for do that thing.

“The way to streaming vedio from IP camera based on RTSP to Chrome browser faster with lowest latency”

I tried 6 things to streaming like below.
And I tried to benchmark the latency each other, but It doesn’t looks the best way.
Would you let me know about your suggestion the way for the video streaming with lowest latency?

[tried low latency setup]

  1. Set Application options [checked Low-latency]

  2. Updated application playback type [Apple HLS only]

  3. Changed Application.xml to setup LL-HLS with default cupertino streaming packetizer

  4. Changed cupertino streaming packetizer option (chunkDurationTarget: 2000, maxChunk count: 25, playlistChunkCount 6, minPlaylistChunkCount:3)

  5. Changed cupertino streaming packetizer option (chunkDurationTarget: 500, maxChunk count: 100, playlistChunkCount 24, minPlaylistChunkCount:12)

  6. Mixed 1, 2, 4



I tried LL-HLS with options below

cmafSegmentDurationTarget: 1000
cmafMaxSegmentCount: 10
cmafPlaylistSegmentCount: 5
cmafRepeaterSegmentCount: 5

It shows to me 4.xx s latency.