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The license key you entered is not valid

Hi, I restarted my Wowza streaming server and re-entered the license key EPBU4-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-kxwUB-nAA4A, it said it is not valid.

Could you check and advise…thx!

p.s. i have my “Wowza Streaming Engine Perpetual Bundle Unlimited Edition License”

Update: Wowza said that there are multiple instances of the same license key and they terminated my license without any warning.
I just upgraded my server to another machine and the old one is not running.
It is said that Wowza terminated my license without warning and evidence on license violation.

Further Update: Wowza provides 2 unknown IP (1 from Netherlands, 1 from Laos), I believe they stole our license and we are the victim.

It is totally unacceptable and unreasonable that we have to pay for the thief.

If there is justice, please anyone can help.

Many Thanks!