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"The operation could not be completed" message on ipad


I studied the following guide for live streaming and make all the changes in files described here in the guide:

I am using ffmpeg as encoder and the command is:

ffmpeg -f dshow -i video=“UScreenCapture” -c:v libx264 -b:v 150k -analyzeduration 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -f flv rtmp://

When I am trying to playback the stream, it is playing well in flash rtmp player but when I am trying to play it in Apple iOS device I am getting following alert message and stream in not playing:

“The operation could not be completed”

Please provide the solution.


Take a look at these examples for reference:

Try adding “-level 2.1” And you might want to set -g (gop) to 60, something reasonable. Wowza breaks chunks on key frames, so a very long gop could be the problem

I don’t see any audio, so shouldn’t be an issue.


That indicates a very low FPS, 1 or 2fps, because Flash RTMP player likes about 60 frames before it starts playback. The long packetizing time for iOS fits this too. Try adding “-r 30”.

Also, the -g setting is more likely to be 60 where -r is 30 (for a 2 second key frame frequency), for example. I was giving example values for fps in previous post (which I will edit)

Two things to look at:

  1. Open the Wowza access log. Find the x-event “publish” associated with this stream, then step through the Cupertino packetizer messages. You will see a lot detailed info about the audio and video codec of the stream.

  2. Download and look at the chunklist:


You can see the chunk duration (#EXTINF), and with this info you can download a .ts chunk:


That can playback in VLC.

Also, for testing purposes, the Wowza cupertino stream will play in VLC.


Thanks Richard for your quick response.

I apply your solution but It is not solving my problem.

I want to write more findings, hope it will help us to find the problem.

The initial playback time (time to display first picture in player screen) in flash rtmp player is very high (about 1-2 minutes long) but this player does not throw an error and start playback. On other hand in case of Apple ios device if stream is already started to server from last 1-2 minutes and then I invoke safari it start playing stream but if I invoke safari with in 1 minute(approx) after sending stream to server it throws error and does not start playback.