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the other wowza servers are ok, but this one is totally unresponsive, javaCPU=346% serverCPU=40%

top command on wowza server SSH:

Wowza CPU at wowza dashboard until now:

We wonder why our wowza server 4 suddenly died but when we checked we didn’t see any errors that were critical or related to the server down.

What’s even more amazing is that our two other wowza servers are ok, but all the “Server Setup” and “Virtual Host Setup (we use streamlock)” and other Wowza Engine/Server Settings are just the same with this wowza server that stopped (I can provide screenshots or detailed proof that the settings are exactly the same if needed).

Right now we are first disabling this wowza server in production and we are not rebooting or restarting it in the hope that we will know the reason.

For those who have an idea about this situation or know of a possible solution, we would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you.

I think it is worthwhile to submit a ticket to Wowza with log and crash file/log.