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The state of live streaming and multiple audio tracks

We have a project where will get embedded HD-SDI with eight embedded audio tracks. Each audio track is a different language.

The capture card and the software is able to recognize all eight audio tracks from the HD-SDI signal.

Does this mean that I can ingest a single stream to Wowza containing a single video feed with eight audio tracks?

Creating eight individual streams works but has two negative effects, namely stressing the encoder with eight video encodings (the video is the same, but has to be encoded eight times anyway) and taking up eight times the bandwidth of a single stream.

8 x 1000 Kbps video

8 x 64 Kbps mono AAC

Total 8512 Kbps

If it possible to send a single stream to Wowza containing all eight audio tracks, we could lower the bandwidth substantially:

1 x 1000 Kbps video

8 x 64 Kbps mono AAC

Total 1512 Kbps

Any thoughts on this?

Hi niemon,

Wowza can ingest a single stream with multiple tracks, but only if the source is MPEG-TS and there are multiple audio pids. You could also opt to create 1 video and 8 audio as separate streams, and then use a multitrack SMIL file to playback into a single stream.

An article to use multiple tracks for HLS.


Johan, hi.

Have you found a solution in this?

I have a similar request (one video, many audio / language channels).

My first problem is how to encode the video and the separate audio channels in one MPEG TS stream. I can not find the software or hardware encoder who is doing this. Any ideas?

My second problem is to find out which is the best player to deliver it. Bitmovin maybe?

Any advice will be really appreciated!



did you ever find a solutions to this?

Solutions? Does anybody have a solution?