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The video that mobile phone vertical capture upload to Wowza as VOD source file that display is landscape not portrait

Hi, guys

I own a video that vertical captured by mobile phone. It’s resolution is 720x1280.

but using ffprobe or mediainfo to get the video information,the resolution is 1280x720 and ratation is minus 90 degree.

I put this video on Wowza as VOD source file, then I play it using m3u8 and get resulting video is 90 degree turn just like landscape.

I don’t know Wowza have any idea to deal with this issue, or I just only can transcode it before uploading file to Wowza.

I have annual subscription license,If I need to open ticket,please let me know.

If you need a video to test. you can use this

Thank you!!

Rotation of video content happens at the browser level. For more information on per browser support for the rotation flag please reference the following article.

As such you will need to process your file with an encoder so that it is rotated to portrait regardless of either player or browser. The following website may help you with your rotation issue.

You may also be able to remove the rotation flag as follows:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -codec copy -metadata:s:v:0 rotate=0 output.mp4

Hi, Kevin

I thank you for your reply, and I absolutely agree with you.

The key is that the source video has rotation metadata, but the segment TS file created by Wowza does not.

If I play the source video, it will be correctly positioned by rotation metadata, but the Wowza Segment TS file does not have rotation metadata, how can i accomplish it??

I use ffmpeg to transcode different resolutions and bitrates videos, and they work normal on orientation.

Before transcode is completed,I design using soruce video to be played,but I stuck on orientation and rotation metadata.

Any advice is welcome.

You will want to use the transpose option with FFmpeg so that the video width and height match the orientation.


Thank you for kindly reply.

Yes, transpost option is the solution at normal situation.

But my situation is using mobile phone’s camera to capture video and directly upload to Wowza content directory,so I don’t have any chance to do transpost.

In my situation, I think maybe Wowza segmenting operation add rotation metadata, or other methods to deal with mobile phone video with rotation tag unless transcode before.

MP4, MOV and MKV containers support the rotation flag. TS containers do not. Even if they did then some browsers will still ignore the rotation flag.

Hi Kevin,

OK…I get it, TS doesn’t support roatation flag.

Android and iPhone capture vertical video must be transcode again then upload to Wowza, or it will not play correctly position.

You’re kind, Thank you !!

hi i got the same issue, when capturing video in vertical, viewer will see it in horizontal, it happen only in android but not in browser, kindly advice

Rotated video must be converted so that it is played correctly on all platforms. Please use the encoder of your choice.

We have an article on how to create streaming media compliant VOD content using FFmpeg at the link below. Note that the same concepts apply to both VOD and live streaming regardless of which encoder is being used.