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The Wowza player is not loading on a Samsung Smart TV

The WowzaPlayer (latest = with a live stream (…playlist.m3u8) used to play in the past on the Samsung Smart TV, but since a few weeks it stopped working. The webpage displays a “GetAdobeFlashPlayer”- button. But this should be a html5 player. What is going wrong?

Samsung TV webbrowser BIN_B:170210_1.1.527


EMP _F:150918_01.1.040

Hello @Frederik Furnée,

Are you still having issues using Wowza Player on the Samsung TV?

We released a newer version of Wowza Player (Wowza Player 1.1.07 build 5018 released on October 20, 2017).

See if using the latest version has the same issue.


Alex C.