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Theoplayer for live application

good morning,
I created a live application;
I created a smil file for adaptive bitrate following the tutorial;
I have configured a THEOplayer;
The live is displayed correctly but, in the player settings, 3 bitrate values are displayed, all labeled “700p”. How can I change the labels?
Thank you and good day

This should be defined in your SMIL file within Engine, so perhaps a configuration issue? We would need to review how you have this set up in a support ticket.

But, in the meantime, I can share this step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a SMIL file in Engine and how to create all the different bitrates for a stream application. It may help you debug why they all say 700p. Justin walks through those steps in the video. I hope it helps!

Also @Davide_Rendina another engineer suggested that if you are saying that the three different bitrates are actually playing, but it’s just the label of the bitrate that’s incorrect, you want to take a look at the cupertionoTag.NAME in the SMIL file.

We have seen this issue happen in the past for HLS where Wowza is not able to determine the name of the bitrate version being delivered to the player. We’re happy to take a closer look and run some tests in a ticket if you can’t get it resolved.