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Is there a place where I can understand the concepts being used in the Streaming Engine? The docs currently only show you how to do things and the code samples, but they don’t explain the concepts behind them.

Interesting question. Wowza does offer quite a variety of tools and resources, many of them the result of specific customer requests or unique requirements. I can help you match requirements to solutions, if that’s an approach that works for you, at present. What are you looking to do?

Hi Tim,

We have just started with Wowza yesterday. Our objective is to create linear programming streams with SCTE-35 cue points. We have the mp4 files for each of the videos and our own video player. We need to transcode them, stitch them in a linear feed and provide ad cue points and deliver them as an HLS file. We are looking at the Streaming Engine Java APIs to do this. All of this will be done completely programmatically using Java.

Could you link to the relevant documentation or articles from where I can learn how to do this?

SCTE-35 is supported in WSE when sourced from an MPEG-TS stream. It sounds like you need to source using MP4 content and get the HLS loaded with ID3 for cue-points. Is that what you need?

One possible route would be to use the scheduler in WSE to stage your MP4s as a liner stream (I think that’s what you’re looking for) where you can use the metadata injection API to tag the video for HLS. Take a look at these articles, if you haven’t already.

Schedule streaming with a Wowza Streaming Engine Java module

Inject timed metadata using a Wowza Streaming Engine HTTP provider

Hi @Tim_Dougherty,

Why can’t we insert #EXT-X-SCTE35 in the HLS stream using WSE? Is it not possible?

@khat33b At this time we do support listening for SCTE-35 markers:

It might be possible custom solution with this with partnering with our Wowza Professional Services Team. I suggest reaching out to see how they can assist: