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"this live event has ended" message

I’m experiencing problems with the Wowza Player HTML5 with Flash fallback for older browsers.

Every 10 minutes the playback stops and I get a message “this live event has ended”

then I update the page, the videoplayer works normally again.
and so on.

Original HTML5 player works fine.

the encoding, ingest etc its fine too

By default, Wowza Player tries to retrieve content from the source a maximum of three times @fernando martin. If it fails to fetch the content after three tries, the player will close the connection and throw the error you mention- “this live event has ended.”

Nonetheless, the below properties could be configured when creating the player to modify such behavior:

Manifest Retry Parameters:

streamerRetryPeriodFrequency - int (default: 2000 ms)

streamerRetryPeriodMaximumRetries - int (default: 2)

Chunklist Retry Parameters:

streamerRetryRepresentationFrequency - int (default: 2000 ms)
streamerRetryRepresentationMaximumRetries - int (default: 2)
streamerRetryRepresentationMaximumReloads - int (default: 10)

Chunk Retry Parameters:

streamerRetryChunkFrequency - int (default: 1000 ms)

streamerRetryChunkMaximumRetries - int (default: 3)

Increasing the number of retries will give the player more time to retrieve content (in a scenario such as the one you describe) before closing the connection. If the connection is eventually closed by the player, the page will need to be refreshed for the player to request content again.

Additional options:

  1. You can change the message to say “broadcast offline or re-connecting”

----It would be possible to leverage the “stringErrorStreamUnavailable” and/or “stringLiveEventEnded” player properties to customize such messages such as “stream reconnecting” or whatever you prefer.

  1. You can also make the player “autoplay” on page load if the stream is active.


We do have a list of certain issues that can occur in older browsers- you can review here to see if yours is listed. In the meantime, I will share some suggestions on what you can try as a fix.

the problem that we are commenting I get it in google chrome browser, I think your answer for older browsers is not valid.
On the other hand please I want to know why my channel could be displayed correctly until June 19, and then on June 20 I have this serious problem
the channel was fully functional and is now a cause for concern

I hope we can find a solution

best regards