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This live event has ended

hi there.
id been a problem streaming cctv camera video to my website via wowza.

using a vlc player for a playing rtsp address, that can be played.

however transfer the video from rtsp to url using wowza, and then play a video , display a message ‘this live event has ended’

so what can i do solve this problem ?

at the server set up a wowza streaming engine, incoming stream menu, that video status is active!

but, at my website i can’t play that video.

plz help me

  1. Did you create the stream file via UI and then provide them proper information.

  2. Are your codecs compatible with wowza?

  3. In the UI does it show that stream is active ? (Is wowza pulling the stream properly ?)

it is so ridiculous.

i operate 2 wowza streaming server.

#1 wowza version is latest 4.8.18+
and then #2 wowza version is 4.7.3

and they involved in same network switch.
(it means network environement is not effect this situation)

the video that in a streaming trouble register on #1(latest version), i got a message ‘this live event has ended’ and then, #2 (4.7.3 version wowza) register a video , and then video normally played!

whats going on? latest version have a problem?
plz. somebody give me a tip solve this problem!

The 4.7.3 Engine version uses an outdated version of Java we don’t support in Engine 4.8.18.
There were breaking changes after the 4.7.5 release including new Java and CUDA requirements and they’ve changed again in 4.8.18 to use the most secure options available to keep streams safe. Did you check the release notes and read the breaking changes? 4.8.18 uses minimum of Java 11.

Please send in a support ticket so the engineers can assist and investigate your breaking changes.