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Time-shift streaming


let me pay your attention on the module which we have developed . PWI Time-shift Streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine allows to launch delayed streaming of live TV channels without need of Wowza custom development. In case you need to stream TV to viewers in time zones different from the broadcaster or require time-delayed re-broadcast of live event Time-shift Addon is right for you. It is easy to install and configure, no special video player is required (like for Wowza nDVR). Multiply delay values could be configured for the same source stream to get a number of output streams. On the demo page below you may see live TV broadcast and 5 streams with the delays: 3min, 30min, 1h, 3h and 6h. The difference is visible on the time in the news ticker. If you are interested in any additional information or want to obtain the module please do not hesitate to contact us direct via e-mail .