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Timecode from hardware encoders


We’re working on a product where we need timecodes from the video source all the way to the player on the client side.

We have a working prototype using flash media live encoder which has a embed timecode option, we pick this up in wowza in the onFillChunkMediaPacket

and use the timestamp(its the system time we get from adobe-fmle) and imbed that into the hls stream we create using id3 tags.

But we want to use a hardware encoder to replicate the process and get the actual timecode from the sdi video, so far we have tried using a haivision makito hardware encoder, but we are unable to get access to the timecodes which should be embeded into the rtmp stream from makito, atleast not in the same way as we do it with adobe-fmle.

Does anyone have any experience with this process using either makito products or other hardware encoders?


This has been handled in ticket #162568, but posting this here as well for other users:

You should be able to get the encoder timecodes in Wowza by querying it using the Java API in Wowza. One way of achieving this is to implement the IMediaStreamLivePacketNotify.onLivePacket class, and calling the packet.getAbsTimecode(); method. Every incoming packet passes through this method before it is processed by other classes.


the Makito inject their real world timestamps in the SEI pic_struct in the h264 encode. Not sure if Wowza interrogates that??

brayster99, if you are still looking for an answer to this question, I suggest speaking with Wowza support directly. To do so, please follow these steps to open a support ticket.



Did you ever find a resolution to this?

I’m trying to achieve almost the same thing, but pass the timecode to the recorded mp4 files.

(Also using Haivision Encoders)

Many thanks