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Timecoding the same as FMLE required for PushPublish from Wowza to FMS

Current workflow :

digibox analogue input > FMLE (with timecode option set on) > FMS

New workflow :

udp multicast input > Wowza PushPublish > FMS

The problem :

The timecode data which displays the current time in the stream on FMS is not showing up.

We have setting in FMLE to send system timecodes (not sure if that is exactly what does it but if you can tell me a way to identify this then I can do that).

Wowza support analysis :

The timecodes referred to here are not the same as what you are looking for in relation to what FMLE sends when you select the timecode option.

The timecodes here are the actual stream timecodes that are used to synchronize the video & audio tracks. What comes from FMLE is actually a timestamp that is sent to a client side method. It is a data event on the stream that takes the encoder time and presents it as date and time values that are passed to the method.

As I previously mentioned, there currently is not support for this and while it can be added somehow, I cannot give any indication as to when it could be done. Your best approach would be to enlist the help of one of the Wowza consultants to build a module

The task :

To provide me a costing and timescales for doing the above work to get me to a state where Wowza truly is duplicating the work of FMLE in our example. Everything else works fine apart from the time being displayed in FMS.

Look forward to hearing from you asap !!