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Timed events (ID3 tags) in Apple HLS streams from WebRTC source

I have been using the approach here to inject and read timed events into an HLS stream. Works nicely.

The approach is reliant on AMF data events in the RTMP encode stream coming to Wowza. The approach listens for them and converts them into ID3 tags as HLS segmenting takes place.

What if the encode stream I was sending to Wowza was WebRTC (I’m trying the Wowza Streaming Engine WebRTC preview)? Is there some programmatic equivalent for this workflow? Can I somehow achieve timed events in my HLS similarly with WebRTC input?

Hello Robert,

Currently WebRTC Preview does not have an option to be able to inject data. We currently have a backlog request for this, although there’s no timetable or guarantees of implementation set yet.