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Timeline-Based Playlists

We need to create a timeline-based playlist application integrated between WordPress (client side GUI), Kaltura (video library) and Wowza.

On the client side, we would love to have a drag and drop GUI to drag videos from a Kaltura library into a linear timeline. The timeline-based playlist would be programmed to start at a specific time and day, with the ability to loop the playlist.

Drag and drop functionality is not a deal killer. As long as we have a basic way to add videos to the timeline, that is sufficient to get this started. We would prefer to sacrifice elegant interaction for speed at this point. We will be happy to iterate and improve the interface and functionality over time.

Our WordPress installation is running on Joyent’s 64-bit SmartOS (which is a fork of Illumos). Our Kaltura and Wowza servers are running on 64-bit CentOS 6.2.

Ideally we could get this done within 30 days. Not entirely sure of the budget, so please advise what you think it would take to get it done. As long as you provide a reason for your proposal, I can most likely get the budget approved.


We will be able to help you. If you are interested please contact me via email to continue the discussion: (please include a link to this thread in the body of your message).

Best wishes,

Polina Sapunova

Fora Soft LLC