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timeout and pingtimeout


if wowza has timeout and pingtimeout does it mean that it tries to check if the client connection is up or the target or both?

Great question and I can share some of our official wowza definitions:

ClientTimeout, IdleFrequency: Respectively, the length of time, in milliseconds, that the server will wait before shutting down an unresponsive client connection and the length of time, in milliseconds, between idle events. For basic video on demand (VOD) streaming, a value of 250 provides the best reliability-versus-performance ratio. For live streaming, a value between 125 and 250 is more desirable.

The ApplicationTimeout is how long the application will stay available to client connections. If no clients connect within that period of time then the application will stop. PingTimeout is the amount of time that the application will wait for a response from the client during a ping. A ping is checking to see if the client is still available, if the client doesn’t response in this window of time, the application will close the client connection.

I hope that helps.