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Timestamp for rtsp file streaming

We have a DeepStream system connect to internal wowza server with uri like that rtsp://corpwowza:1935/its_no_bbox/ASBURY_AND_UNIVERSITY__EB__12_9_2018_2_00_00_000_AM_UTC-08_00.mp4

I need to make a demo so that I create a new wowza server on Azure and change my uri to now that rtsp://azurewowza:1935/vod/ASBURY_AND_UNIVERSITY__EB__12_9_2018_2_00_00_000_AM_UTC-08_00.mp4

Everythign work fine except timestamp.
I got current datetime when I point to company wowza server.
I got 1970-01-01 when I point to my Azure wowza server.

I am new in Wowza and this looks to me is wowza config issue.
I even copy company’s wowza server’s server.xml and apply to my server but still not fix the problem

Any clue about how to fix this issue?



This is due to sender report not sent from WOWZA server.
Why WOWZA server not sent sender report is still unknown to me.
Our older WOWZA server do sent sender report via RTCP.
The new on is on Azure and I got UDP Timeout switch to TCP. Not sure this is related or not
Since no response here for 4 days, I ask in Stackoverflow.
More details in in the following link