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Transcode raw streams from DVB-S2 and restream in other Formats


I want transcode (with wowza) live tv channels that coming from a DVB-S2 as raw streams (high bitrate).

As output protocol has the DVB-S2 Software, UDP and HTTP.

How can i receive with wowza udp or http, transcode the streams, and publish them again wit low bitrates ?

Is there any Tutoria for this ?

Kind regards


Yes Wowza can accept a UDP source. You can see examples in this article. Essentially you create a stream file with a udp listener, which is constructed of an IP address (or all interfaces if set to udp:// and a listener port.

Wowza can restream this in various protocols. Note that the source needs to be H.264 in order to be playable, or if mpeg-ts then it can be transcoded to an H.264 output.