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Transcoder capacity with Nvidia

Hi there … I’ve a question about transcoding capacity as I’m getting constant errors as following

“Video behind filter state change. New state: SKIP1FRAME” and my output is pixilating and skipping frames

I’ve a Windows server, 2 CPUs, 16 cores in total, 32 GB RAM with Nvidia Quatro P4000

Server CPU is at 80%. GPU load is 50% and GPU Video Engine Load is 70%

I’ve 30 inputs as MPEG2 TS, mostly SD and some HD. Only one bitrate output per stream at 1.5 Mbps.

Network input on server on NIC receiving the MPEGs is 500 Mbps.

Question here is if I’m hitting max transcoding capacity regardless that non-CPU is at 100%?

I understand the skipframe is happening in the input, in the decoding before sending to be transcoded … what could be the reason of the constant frame skipped? Is capacity the reason?

Thanks in advance for any help


what is your nvidia-smi output for metrics, when you reach the skip frames? (nvidia-smi dmon)

Anyway, we recognized also, that reaching the ~70% of overall CPU usage, the transcoding processes getting stuck, have not enough power to decode fast enough.