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Transcoder pricing

I have a question about the transcoder costs.
What does it cost additionally with the following configuration:

1 instance
1 live application
1 Incoming RTMP stream
Transcoder activated Transcoder Template = Transrate
Activated Presets = source, 720p, 360p

I’m not sure what the costs are.

Thanks for help

Wowza Transcoder is a feature that comes with the Wowza Streaming Engine license at no additional cost. The only thing you must keep in mind, is that a transcoding process in general requires more hardware resources than streaming. More information available here:

there is a serious issue with streams audio as even after transcoding no audio will come out of the stream…is there any restriciton or audio source types not supported on your platform

@Xhoan Lee, welcome to the Wowza forums! Yes there are audio restrictions and I can answer this for you, but you need to ask in a brand new post as it is not related to this original post on transcoder pricing. We can’t mix more than one question in the same post. Thanks and I will look for your new post and answer it right away.

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager :diamonds::diamonds: I just posted a question