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Transcodin to low FPS


I wish to achieve to transcoding from 720p60 to 720p30 for an RTMP stream.

I cannot find the setting to lower the FPS, just bitrate, key frame, audio.

Any suggestions? Please. I already checked the tutorial for transcoder.

Thank you!

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

Please take a look at this guide to achieve your desired results:

How to reduce the frame rate in a transcoded stream (SkipFrameCount)



Eduard, you have to turn on logVideoEncodingParameters.

Then from the output (something like):

INFO server comment – # long: bit_rate_mode: bit rate stuff: 0=H264_CBR, 1=H264_CQT, 2=H264_VBR or 3=H264_TQM

You can then use this information to create a <Parameter> block to add to the container to change the entropy method being used:




welcome to wowza media system.

Hello Salvadore,

Thank you very much for the assistance. Works out almost perfect.

Any way to apply CBR on the transcode ?



Hello Salvadore,

Thanks! for the instructions, I will apply them tomorrow!



I’m sorry, I am new to the wowza systems.

Could you please give me more details ?

In the transcoding profile I added the logVideoEncodingParameters, then added the you mentioned, but no result.


Please open a ticket at: and attach the [install-dir]/transcoder zipped log for Wowza Support to further investigate.

How to zip log files:


Jason Tuchler

Wowza Media Systems