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Transcoding mp3 to aac not working

I’m trying (with a trial key) to do this:

mp3 stream (Barix Instreamer 100) <-- Wowza --> transcoding to aac --> akamai

I have working all, but transcoding to aac.

When I activate transcoder Audio Only with no match source stream name, I have no luck with the transcoding.

In Incoming streams only appears the stream of the Instreamer and in Stream Files I only have the stream File with the URL of Instreamer stream.

In Server->Transcoder, it sais that license is for up to 1 channel but currently transcoding 0 channels

How the hell I can transcoder my mp3 stream to aac?

thanks in advanced

What operating system are you using? MacOS isn’t supported and that might be your issue -


I’ve installed wowza in a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

Hi @Francisco Guerrero, I can try and help you. Can you please tell me what the error log shows? Does it say by any chance anything about the audio cannot be processed due to to a sample rate not being supported? Can you share any info from the logs that will give more info on the issue?

We could take a look at this as the potential issues:

1. The audio is currently not being transcoded because the sample rate isn’t supported. Please adjust this at the encoder and test again.

What do you have set as the audio bitrate from the encoder? I’m assuming you are following this doc and code example?

2. Did you append the aac to the end of the source stream name like this from the doc above?

Outgoing Stream Name – mp4:${SourceStreamName}_aac.

This names the transcoded stream by appending _aac to the end of the source stream’s name. For example, myStream_aac.


thanks for your help

I can’t see any kind of error in the log. I’ve disabled the transcoding, restarted, enable and restarted again and…

I’ve got that configuration ( is the IP of the Barix Instreamer 100)

And for transcoder

I’ve tried to use, mystream_aac, mystream.stream_aac with no luck

I’ve tried mystream_aac,, mystream.stream_aac as source stream name without luck

Thanks for the additional info @Francisco Guerrero.

The reason it is not transcoding at all:

  1. The fall back template isn’t set.

  2. You do not have a template with name of the stream

Because the forums is not official tech support, I strongly encourage you to submit a support ticket so our engineers can walk through this with you and you can get it working very quickly. They’d be happy to do this for you.

I’ll do it right now

thank you very much

You’re welcome and I think the ticket will help get this going for you really quickly.