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Transcoding time continues to accrue

I have a question about how transcoding time accrues for a live stream. I am aware that the section “Stream Processing Time” on the Usage page has a column “Hours Used” for a live stream that shows how much transcoding time is being used. I’ve noticed however that the transcoding time continues to accrue for a started live stream even after I had stopped the live capturing event from the Wowza GoCoder iOS app. Is this by design? if I’m not capturing a live event or connected to the live stream from the GoCoder iOS app or any third-party encoding app, why does the transcoding time continue to accrue? Do I actually have to stop the live stream to stop the transcoding time accrual? My live stream does not end on a schedule, so I cannot rely on setting up a schedule to stop it.

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How Cloud works is stopping the source stream will not stop the transcoder. You need to stop the live stream in Cloud to stop transcoding minutes.

The only link you can do on the source stream is you can have the transcoder to START when it detects the source stream as live, that’s it. You need stop the live stream in Cloud and that will stop the transcoder. An option is to use our APIs to stop the stream when you are done.

Here are some Cloud articles you can review:

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Hope this helps. If any further questions, feel free to reach out.