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Transcoding to higher FPS

Hi, I am using Wowza Streaming Engine to perform Live Streaming.

Use Case:
I would like to transcode an incoming frame at 8fps into a 30fps stream. I came across this article( and would like to check if my settings are correct:

Input Buffer Time: 33ms
MinimumFrameRate: 30s
Strict Frame Rate: true
Debug: true

Without using a transcoder, playback via RTMP on ffplay causes the stream to play smoothly for some frames and pause for some time before continue playing again. Do advise if above solution using transcoder is not correct solution.

Yes that is correct. We do recommend a frame rate of 30 fps.

I’d send a support ticket if you still have an issue so we can get a better idea of the entire use case and configuration.

Did you see this article as well?


The issue i had faced in particular before changing configuration is that there is a sign of buffering when streaming from an 8fps source. The behavior is that there will be a frame freeze and subsequent frames coming in quickly afterwards.

The source is a streaming capability from an application and we are not able to adjust the frame rate that it is publishing at. Publishing app and ffprobe the rtmp link gives me both 8fps.

I am looking for a solution to fix the issue of buffering so that Live Streaming can still take place smoothly with an 8fps stream. After applying both solutions(in my original post) and in the replied post), i am still facing the issue.

If you can use ffmpeg to restreamer you can change the FPS therein before sending it to wowza. That is read the stream using ffmpeg and rencode it at higher FPS