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Transrate webrtc incoming streams.

Hi Sir,

Is it possible to transrate WebRTC streams? For example, hope to change from WebRTC 720p to RTMP 240p.

I’ve searched enough but I couldn’t find the answer.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello @jonggi lee- thanks for using the forums. Yes, you can transrate your WebRTC streams and I will make sure it is more clearly explained in our docs.

To enable WebRTC, you do have to go into application xml files and enable it. Once you enable WebRTC in your xml file, in Engine, make sure you click on “enable transcoder” under your application you have set up for your stream.

When you click on this, it will trigger the default templates of which one is transrate templates. You can then click on each transrate template to make changes and when finished, create a SMIL file for a playback url.

Once you have enabled the transcoder in your xml file, you can follow these steps in this video. Just fast forward past the OBS section and begin watching when it shows how to transrate in Engine at around 4:00 in the video.

It also shows you how to add those transrated files to a SMIL file for adaptive bit rate playback.

Let me know if this helped you- thanks.

Here is the doc on how to enable the transcoder and to transrate as well:

Just one additional note…once you transcode your WebRTC stream, it is no longer a WebRTC compliant stream going out…