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Trimming video records using Version Archive mode

Hello all,

Does anyone know whether there is a way, to trim the nDVR video records while using Version Mode? Say, if the records are required to store 24 hours, all the records which are 12 hours ago should be trimmed from the server.

We have tested, and know the Append mode can do the job. But for some reasons, version mode will be used.

So is there any way we can achieve the purpose?

Thank you very much for the help!

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

When the window duration is set to 24 hours, anything outside of that window is purged when recording. It will not delete previously recorded files that are on the disk from previous days.

The Application.xml /DVR /WindowDuration is set in seconds, so this is one hour:


This WindowDuration value applies to the duration length of the current recording. Other DVR Stores will not be affected. So if you have other DVR Stores on your hard drive that were recorded separately, even with the same WindowDuration, those Stores will not be affected by the purging related to the current recording. Any other file maintenance will need to be done outside of Wowza. To delete other Stores from your hard drive, you can delete the entire Store with a cronjob or any other method you use for system maintenance. We don’t have anything built-in to Wowza for this.

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Wowza has limited file management. Once the files are saved to disk you will need to use some other method for managing them.

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Thanks Salvadore!

We will try first, and update on this forum again, so others can benefit too!



Referring to your reply, is there is any way in which wowza delete dvr recording other then using ArchiveStrategy = delete? or we have to delete manually by writing a script?


If it is a for a specific time interval you should use your own cron driven script.