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Trouble about RTMP when Enable SecureToken content protection

Hi everyone,

I want to protect the content publish from origin server to edge server, and I use secure token as the article from the link

However, when I enable SecureToken content protection of Outgoing Secure on the origin Server, my Origin server also can’t get the content from my encoder.

I use RTMP protocol to publish stream from my encoder to the origin server.

I set RTMP Publishing of Incoming Secure is “Open (no authentication required)”,

Why the orgin server can not get content when I enable SecureToken content protection of Outgoing Secure ?

May I have any incorrect configuration ?

Thank all.

Hi hungnguyen88,

there is a strange issue here , while outgoing security enable,

if you use ffmpeg etc to publish stream with Rtmp Protocol , you cant . However with Fmle you can publish.

Please check that can you publish another stream from third party tool.

Kind Regards,

Emre Karatasoglu


Hi Emre Karatasoglu,

I can only use RTMP to publish content to Origin Server.

Involve my trouble, is there any other way to protect content from origin to edge server without using Secure Token?

Thank you.

Hello hungnguyen88, did you try pushing stream with fmle ? if yes , did it work?

I didn’t work on protecting content in live/edge architecture ,maybe streamlock ( rtmps ) or drm can help you.