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Trouble RTMP streaming to multiple computers


I have created a webcast site using Wowza Media server/ telestream… Im having a slight bit of trouble… We ran a test today and ran a test with people logging into the site to view the webcast.

he problem is that on my machine where I created the site and am broadcasting from, I can view the webcast perfectly (by logging into the site myself to test weither or not it is working…)

But when people login into the site to see the website for themselves, they see (error could not load stream)??

I have developed the webcast with JW Player on the website, and this seems to work fine on multi browsers as I have tried this with video files, and it works a charm.

Is there any help or advice you can give me… as far as I can see Im not getting any error messages from the server itself when it connects, it connects and disconnects fine, and I have set up a RTMP live stream connection that works on playback on my machine, but not other peoples computers when they login…

Many thanks…


Hi Damien,

First of all, I think you’ve posted this in the wrong forum. This forum can be used to post requests for hiring a consultant to assist you with live events. You’ve welcome to prove me wrong, but I think you didn’t mean to hire someone to solve the problem, but to get support with the issue you described. I’ll ask the forum moderator to move your post to the “Live Streaming and Encoder Discussion” forum, you’ll probably get better response there.

Regarding the problems you described: this could be an issue with a firewall blocking ports 554 and/or 1935. Are you running the website (web server) from the same machine; how would viewers access your website, and how do they connect to the stream? If this is a Windows machine, you could check if the Windows built-in firewall is disabled.

If you want to hire a consultant to fix the problems for you, then don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

Karel Boek


You have not confirmed whether you wish to hire a consultant for this work. This is the wrong forum for technical support. Please post in the Wowza Media Server forum for technical support.


Yes sorry for posting in the wrong forum here guys… My bad… Thanks Karel you where correct. It did turn out my ISP does have firewalls that block all attempts to do port forwarding…

It has been very annoying to try to solve with them over the phone as they wont allow me to do 1935 port forwarding with the service they provide me. So far I have opened all the ports in vhost.xml but have a permissions denied issue for TCP 80 in the server start up. I have a friend that will help me today try to resolve this as the site goes live on sunday.

Again sorry for posting in the wrong forum…