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Trouble stopping Facebook Live stream

We sometimes dual stream from Wowza Cloud to Facebook Live and Youtube. When we do, we’re having trouble ending our Facebook Live Streams.

Here’s what happens - we stop the live stream on Wowza, but the Facebook Live event doesn’t end. There’s no way to manually end the event on Facebook, so we end up having to delete the event.

Are there are any instructions or tips for the right way to gracefully end a Facebook event fed from Wowza Cloud?

you can manually end facebook lives in publishing tools via admin page within FB

Hi i am adrian and same issue with @Kevin Stanton i have issues last night 11:00pm 08/08/2020 streaming live on Facebook. I’m using OBS Encoder. Latest version for all software. Everything works great, except when I stop streaming in OBS, the Facebook Live video won’t end - it says it’s paused. I found a post in this forum that says you can end it manually through Facebook Publishing Tools, but it would be nice if the Facebook stream would just end automatically when I stop broadcasting. Then i don’t know how to end my live streaming video. And now still live that the time of 11:00pm i already stop the streaming using obs. can someone help me? :frowning:
this is the link of my live streaming video :