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Trouble viewing videos on wowza from Asia

Not sure if I’m in the right place but I’m trying to watch a series of videos that are mandatory for the Bar exam that appear to be hosted on (?) wowza (or at least wowza is in the url). They don’t seem to load at all, or an error message comes up, and I’ve tried across 3 devices and many browsers. I’ve been told there’s a “known issue” in watching from Asia (I’m based in Singapore), and to seek IT help because the videos are in fact working. Does anyone have any advice for a complete IT noob on how to solve this issue? Thanks so much!

Welcome to the community @YB_Mok.

Sorry to hear you were having problems though. I can tell you there was an issue with Cloud yesterday that lasted a few hours and did affect Asia through the Azure network. There was nothing you could do to fix the network issue they were having since they deliver the stream from Wowza to the viewer.

It was completely resolved yesterday so I hope it’s working for you today. If not, please submit a support ticket so we can investigate. Thanks.