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Trouble with Loadbalancing and Wowza Player

I’m having trouble getting my load balance to distribute the requests. As far as I can see i’m not getting any 302 requests and i suspect it’s the way I’m embedding the code.

it’s this part from the setup guide that I suspect i’m implementing wrong.

// This is the HTTP Client Handler Path: shown when the 
// load balancer 4.5 starts up
var loadBalancerFilter = "redirect"; 

// This is the scheme to use for a connection. HTTP by default 
// however it is preferable to change this 
// to https://. Do remember the // is REQUIRED! 
var scheme = "http://"; 

// This is the external IP address for the load balancer. By default 
//port 1935 is used. 
var loadBalancerHost = "[load balancer host]:1935"; 

// This is the application name to use.
var loadBalancerAppRequired = "vod"; 

// This is the asset name, it can be a VOD or live asset name 
var loadBalancerAssetRequred = "mp4:sample.mp4";

WowzaDynamicLoadBalancingAddOn_UserGuide_4.5.pdf / pg 31

I’m a newbie to the code side, started in this from the video production world.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <title>My Wowza Test player</title>

        <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>


    <div id="playerElement" style="width:1280px; height:720px; padding:0;"></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var loadBalancerFilter = "redirect";
        var scheme = "http://";
        var loadBalancerHost = "*.*.*.*:1935";
        var loadBalancerAppRequired = "TESTAPP";
        var loadBalancerAssetRequred = "teststream";
            "description":"This is a test player",



Hello @Neil Briscoe thanks for the question. I need to know more about how you are using this load balancer and your streaming workflow. Can you explain more about what you are using as a camera source/protocol and is this with GoCoder SDK app with the Wowza Player? Ultra low latency?

Can you please provide more details so we can properly assist? Thank you.

Hi Rose… Sure. Before load balancing, I’m using Wirecast to send an RTMP stream to my Origin. Then Wowza Player for viewing via an http/HLS stream. Now leveraging load balancing, Wirecast RTMP stream to my origin, then using 3 live edge servers (1 x server/client, 2 x client) to handled additional load via wowz protocol (decision based on connection), with the intent of leveraging the Wowza Player http/hls. Eventually I plan to add the private address map file… but walk before I can run :slight_smile:

Thank you for that info- at this time the WOWZ protocol does not work with the load balancer and so it is not that you are doing anything wrong.

The engineers would like you to submit a support ticket so they may help set this up for you an alternate way. Thanks.

Thanks Rose, 345589 is already submitted. Happy to hear the player code looks good too.

Thanks for your help